As one of the most renowned manufacturers of Capacitors and MPP Film in India, Tibrewala Electronics Limited (TEL) has successfully reached the elite 30 Million US$ segment, having ventured to capture global markets across Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and America. With an established presence of nearly three decades in the sector, TEL has become an invaluable resource in the manufacture of industrial machinery and domestic appliances of several reputed international brands and even defence electronics. Presently over 40% of our products are earmarked exclusively for export. With a staggering investment of over 15 Million US$ today, we proudly stand on the threshold of phenomenal outbound growth, adding value to our partners, customers and vendors, strongly contributing to the nation’s industrial strength.

TEL has now become the world leader with its rich expertise and global standards.


TEL envisions being a leader not only just in manufacturing but also in promoting corporate governance and benchmarking strategies for success, employee welfare and social well being.

Our Mission

TEL progresses with the sole vision of creating the highest product value, offering meaningful representations to its employees, customers, vendors and share holders, using globally acknowledged best business models and contemporary eco green practices.


Every employee is involved in a continuous exercise of innovation and improvement.


For our clients, delivery on commitments means the right quality at the right time at the right price.


Teams work as one with common work goals with clear roles and responsibilities & all stakeholders benefit.


We take pride in providing a more personal level of sales, product and technical support.


Commenced operations at Unit I with Manufacture of Plastic Film Capacitors


Established Unit II for manufacturing MPP Film and Plastic Film Capacitors

  • Begun manufacturing of LT Power Capacitors at Unit I
  • Unit III set up for manufacturing MPP Film & Capacitors —Facility Expanded

Initial ISO registration obtained. Export of Capacitors commenced


Exports of MPP Film commenced


Expanded facilities for manufacturing MPP Film

  • LT Power Capacitors manufacturing facilities expanded
  • Automation of capacitors’ manufacturing commenced by importing equipment from Australia
  • Clean Room facilities provided for dust free manufacturing
  • Conveyor system erected for capacitors assembly

Expanded facilities for manufacturing of MPP Film

  • Production facilities expanded through new Unit IV

Entered into Manufacturing Contract for Dry HID Capacitors with a US based company


Started new ’state of the art’ manufacturing facility at Electronic Hardware Park near new international airport. Facility includes a new Metallizing Machine from Germany for manufacture of MPP Film, Slitting Machines and full Capacitor Manufacturing Capability from Winding, Zinc spray to final assembly


Started exporting PFC Capacitors to Easter European coutries & ASIA. Presently TIBCON is a well known brand in PFC Capacitors in few Eastern European countries.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We follow a socially positive agenda and work consistently to contribute to the betterment of our society and its future. With the belief that business is an active entity of the society and the economy, the company plays a strong role in nation- building.